Who We Are

Advanced Building Technologies (ABT) specialized in creating energy and environmental management solutions. We have strong relationships with global manufacturers that allow us to build innovative electrical-mechanical systems. This empowers us to offer you solutions that combine international standards with local understanding. Since ever y customer is different, we engineer customized solutions to meet your requirements while using our in depth technical knowledge to deliver effective results and satisfaction. ABT transforms your problems into viable solutions that ensure the availability and continuous supply of energy.Prompt, we are committed to delivering timely results. We are customer-focused and build our success based on understanding your real needs and open communications.

ABT is the professional and dynamic energy and environmental solutions provider for you.

Our Mission

ABT focuses on energy and environmental management and strives to be the leading player in the market. We will achieve these goals by addressing the unique needs of the Middle East and Africa while promoting an efficient approach to work. This includes upholding LEED standards, following through, working hard, driving results,discovering new opportunities, and staying abreast with the latest technology and trends.

Our Vision

ABT strives to be the leading environmental and energy management solution provider in the Middle East and Africa. This entails providing specialized indoor and outdoor environmental and energy management solutions and becoming known for spearheading market innovation. We wish to reach our vision while building a reputation for integrity, discipline, honesty and professionalism.

Our Values

ABT is driven by core values which are manifest in everything we do:
  • Innovation – We are committed to providing you with dynamic and state-of-the art solutions and strive to remain a market leader.
  • Integrity –Our relationships with our customers and partners are built on long-term respect, trust, and honesty.
  • Professionalism– We take pride in our high level of professionalism, which ensures all customers experience quality and consistent customer service.
  • Customer-Oriented – We are committed to your satisfaction and always address your needs and take note of what is happening in the industry and the countries we operate in.
  • Discipline– We do the right thing and work hard to achieve the objectives